Real Authentic
Turkish Delight
Sultan Turkish Delight is the connoisseurs’ choice for Real Turkish Delight! Our Turkish Delight contains only natural ingredients, such as Rose Petals, Coffee Beans, Clove, Cinnamon, Various Nuts, Coconut and Ginger. We import only the finest Real Gelatine-Free Turkish Delight. The varieties we provide are the choice of the Turkish people themselves, and is not the usual “tourist” delight. We feel confident you will enjoy this very unique taste of the East. If you thought you didn’t like Turkish Delight, try ours, as we feel assured you will be impressed with both the texture and flavour, of our REAL Turkish Delight!
Traditional Flavours
of Authentic Turkish Delights
Traditional Turkish delights are a treat that is enjoyed by people all over the World. However, the varieties and brands that are available in many countries are very different to the traditional flavours and recipes used in the East. This means that you may never have tasted the sheer pleasure that comes from authentic Turkish Delights. This is why we have set up a website to sell the original recipe so that you can buy them exactly how they were always meant to be enjoyed.
We supply turkish delight wedding favours in a choice of 9 organza bags. Choose your organza bag, and the flavour of turkish delight you would like in each one. Each bag can contain up to 8 sweets and can be personalised with a name or message. If you would like a combination of different coloured bags or flavours, you can simply repeat this process to add as many bag/colour combinations as you wish to your basket. (Minimum Order 20 bags)
Blush Pink
Citrus Desire
Eternal Love
Floral Satin